The current king of Terentum, Alloran has ruled for nearly twnety years. Carrying on in the tradition of his father Ellefar III, Alloran pushed foreign invaders out of The Hinterlands and pursued them into their native homeland of Gal Karan.

Early LifeEdit

Alloran was born on the 23rd of Midyear, K 156, to the applause of his countrymen. Preceded by his brother Gallison six years earlier, he grew accustomed to following in his brother's shadow. Alloran's mother died in the winter of K 166, and her death affected him moreso than his older brother. In the wake of this tragedy, Gallison became determined and headstrong, and Alloran subtle, diplomatic, and ambitious.

War of ReclaimationEdit

As war broke out in K 171, Alloran's father called for greater protection for his sons. Alloran established the Order of the Onyx to protect himself and to rival the Order of the Sapphire extablished by his elder brother.

Recent ActivityEdit

Within the last few months, King Alloran's forces had pushed back the Galese onto the Adakai Plains. After only a week of intense siege, the walls were breached and the city was taken. After effectively cutting the nation of Gal Karan in half, Alloran sent his fastest messangers to his home capital to announce his return to his homeland on Coronation Day, K 192, to celebrated his twentieth year as king. Coincidentally, his messangers arrived on Reclaimation Day, celebrated in observance of the liberation of The Hinterlands.

Allies and EnemiesEdit

All political dealings aside, Alloran's allies and supporters greatly outweighs his personal enemies. His reign has always been strongly supported by the archdukes.

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