Highfort is a small border town located in the far north of Terentum in Crosston, Northshire. It was built around the foot of the keep guarding the northernmost border with Nezrete. In years past it was known as a quaint trading town renown for the production of Black Forge steel. It is also known as the birthplace of Tanis Blackforge.


Highfort is located on the far north side of Crosston, Northshire. It sits on the entry highway from Nezrete just west of the Nezrentum River.


This small trading village sprung up around the old North Border Pass around K20. It grew considerably under the foot of the old keep when it was completed and garrisoned in K24. The locals colloquially referred to their home as "High's'tha'fort" when describing the location to Nezretine traders; so when the River Treaty was signed in K26, the village was chartered as Highfort.

Notable LandmarksEdit

The most notable landmark in Highfort is the keep which still guards the North Border Pass garrisoned under the command of [insert name]. Other notable landmarks include the newly-renovated, famed Black Forge and Razi's Remedies.

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