Charlotte of Avranport is a minstrel born outside Avranport in the duchy of Ukborough in The Hinterlands. After coming to fame in area around her birthplace, she set out to make all of Terentum her home. She travelled for many years with a group of gypsies until she met Tanis Blackforge with whom she now travels. Charlotte is known for her skills as a bard as well as her unique fighting style and upbeat attitude.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Charlotte was born on the 14th of Last Seed, K173, on the road outside Avranport to Gertrude and Donald Roma. She was raised traveling around The Hinterlands and South Wing until she struck out on her own at 16 years old. She spent a year in Avranport earning her keep as a barmaid and minstrel.

Recent ActivityEdit

Charlotte now travels with the underground resistance led by Tanis Blackforge.


Charlotte is usually cheery, although she has been known to take criticism harshly and bottle up her negative feelings.

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